Michelle Maryam, an Indonesian designer, has built a brand, a vision of powerful modern feminity with artful silhouettes for nearly a decade.

Through her deep understanding of fabrics, each piece is designed with a story and a soul that flows through design and transforms each piece of clothing into more than just a work of art.

Michelle Maryam dreams of fashion as art to wear, as a companion to a life filled with power and beauty. 


MARYALLÉ, an amalgamation of the designer’s last name and middle name, Maryam and Michelle was established in 2014.

A juxtaposition of playfulness and intellectuality, femininity and self-confidence is what our design aim to project. As an innovative brand, our designs range from bold silhouettes, asymmetrical cuts to soft layered textures. Playing with striking shapes, structures, and technical developments.

 Powerful designs that encourage women to let their unique self shine.

MARYALLÉ is now available at numerous boutiques and online retailers in Asia (Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur & Singapore), Middle East, New York, Europe, and the United  Kingdom.

We were sponsored by Femina Group to participate Jakarta Fashion Week 2018, 2019, 2020.

We also participated in trade shows worldwide.

Our online boutique www.maryalle.co was launched to make the collection reachable throughout the world.

To learn more about the history of MARYALLÉ, please contact our PR team at contact@maryalle.co